My Summer Flowers


After all, reading my broken English is not that bad. Right? This blog will be more pictures for a change. I have been living in a mediterranean climate. Therefore, each season, my garden will have different type of flowers blossom. In this summer, I also have a few of them blossom!! Let see what they are!

First one is Pincushion flower. The name is given by pincushion look alike! that is cute. They have so many colours to choose from, we select the maroon one. they are easy to grow and they are tough as well. I water them every other days.

Below is a second one call tradescantia, they look their best in summer. Another name is Osterplant. You know that it is a herb, right?. what a surprise!! you can eat them too.

Next is Garbira " orange and lemon " colour.

a below flower is the flower of some herb, who knows what it is ? Please tell other.

the last one is my favourite plant of all. Only in summer I can see its flower. I love the shape and the colour of it. It's call Bule ginger. This tree is a year old, this is my first time to see the flower too. Love to see them every morning!!

See you next blog



:embarrassed: หน้าร้อนแล้วเหรอ ดอกไม้สวย ๆ นะ

ชีวิตคนเรานั้นสั้นนัก จงมีความสุข สนุกกับชีวิต อย่ามัวคิดอิจฉาใคร

Thanks sis, Summer will last till April,Meanwhile,I have a lot of time to grow food!!!

I like your blog in english. Because I can practice english skill too.

Your flower are very beautiful.

I've never seen before. :love:

Thanks sis, My writing is not that good. I also need more practising.If you don't mind, I also can correct it for you. However, what you wrote is already understandable. Try to use a lot of new words, and put them in to sentences. You will be fine. You know that writing and speaking come together. The more you write,the better your speaking will be. I can just guide you because my English is also have to be improved, Best of luck Sis

Thank you for your guidance. When I was studied in the university, My teacher in Chinese class cannot speak Thai. So English is very important in these class. She taught Chinese by spoken English. And we tried to understand very much. At the same time we taught her to speak Thai too. In the end of class my English and Chinese are better than before.

At the present I 'm not speak English in everyday. I try to watch movies in soundtrack. But I think that not enough for me to up English skill.

Once again, Sis . Sometimes you just need to ask yourself, why u need all those English for. If you just use it for travelling, I think your Engs is enough. However, for further education,you might need a bit more. Gramma is hard but you can do it. Try to keep it simple but correct. Rather than using gramma which you are not sure.

I'm Thai so I understand what you are trying to say. Let me tell you a little thing.

"She taught Chinese" means She doesn't teach Chinese anymore. If she still teaching Chiness, you have to use She teaches Chiness which is present simple. However, If you wanted to say" She taught you Chinese". in that case ,you can use past simple. Don't forget the subject girl!

I can pick out a bit more if you like. However, don't get too serious. At least, you are willing to learn.

Hope you don't mind my correction!

555 I forget to check the sentence.

But I think she back to her hometown, because she was student exchange in master degree of my university.

Thank you for your correction, Next time I will to try again.

ขอบคุณมากค่ะ  ภาพที่ 3 สวยจังค่ะ เหมือนระบายไล่สีเลยค่ะ


Thanks Sis Eet, Gerbira is in season at the moment.

ว่านกาบหอย เมื่อก่อนมีค่ะ  แต่เยอะจัด  วันนึงแหวกกระถางเจอรอยงูลอกคราบ  เลยทิ้งหมดเลย

แต่ถ้ารุ้ว่ามีประโยชน์ยังไง  หรือ ทำกินยังไง  ก็อาจจะปลูกตามค่ะ  แต่คราวนี้คงปลูกบนรั้วบ้านดีกว่า :confused: :confused: :confused:

ฉันจะปลูก ผัก ให้ลูกทาน