My way of making Yoghurt


I have seen blogs about yoghurt making in this website before. I blog the same subject again, hope I don't irritate anyone. I made  yoghurt in so many different ways before, I've known that you can make it as simple as put the milk under the sunlight with a bit of starter! In that way you also can have homemade Yoghurt. The question are, Are you happy with the way you make your Yoghurt? or Are you happy with your own Yoghurt's taste and its texture? If you are happy with the Yoghurt you make. Then there is no reason for you to change the way you make. Someone who want to try to make your own Yoghurt, my way of making yoghurt can be your alternative.

we start with its ingredients, I have 2 liters of fresh full cream milk. 3 tbsp of Sugar 3 tbsp of Milk powder and 150 gm of youghurt starter!

The starter I use is plain Thick Yoghurt,You can use normal plain Yoghurt. However, your Yoghurt won't be as Thick as using the thicker starter one

Here is my handmade Yoghurt making machine. You don't have to use yoghurt machine of cause . There are so many ways to obtain the temperature you need to make a good Yoghurt. I will tell you later on in the blog

My homemade machine consist with 1 foam box 1 set of reading light lamp 1 of 25 watt radiates light bulb, Not fluoresce or energy saving bulbs. Depending on how cold your house is, you might need a bit more watt if your room temperature fail below 5 degree. If your room temperature is above 35 degree you will need less watt. What we are trying to get is 40 degree inside the box, it might be hotter or cooler within 5 degree range is acceptable. The better you control the temperature while you are making the Yoghurt, The better its taste and texture will be. Put a thermometer in side the box while your are making the youghurt is also a good idea to check the temperature. The rack is there to prevent milk container to touch the bottom of the box, therefore it will get better heat all the way around it! You can buy a yoghurt making machine from the shop, but you don't have to. I make my from the junks that we don't need with a bit of research over on the internet, here it comes my verry own homemade yoghurt making machine. This machine can makes 4 liters of yoghurt in one time. To construct it is verry easy. You make a hole one the foam box lid then you insert all your electrial needs, leave the cord outside of cause!! Seal the hole and stable the light set with some " Bule Tag" or "play dough" Put in ome rack.

Above picture is another equipments you need in order to make Yoghurt. You will need a pot that is big enough to fill all the milk in , the bigger is better as the milk expand when it gets hotter. a heat proof container with its lid , a thermometer , a woodle spoon to stir the milk while it is cooked. Try not to use a whisk as it generates more air into the milk.Try to Keep the milk bubbles as less as you can. You have to pour on hot water all over your equipments, just before you start to use them. Make the process as clean as possible as We don't want to introduce anymore germs into the milk apart from the yoghurt germs.

My machine takes 1 hour to reach 40 degree, I turn it on before I start the milk. Then, you boil the milk with 3 tbsp of sugar, keep stir every now and then, not too much, let it comes up to 100 degree then add 3 tbsp of milk powder. Let it simmer for two minutes, then take it off the heat let it cool down to 40 degree . When the milk temperature is right add your starter. Then you will need to strain the milk into the container which you have prepared earlier. At this point, work quickly try not to loss any more heat out of the milk . Quickly put the container into the heated box

Leave it inside the box  with the lid shut for 8 hours, If you don't have a yoghurt making machine. You still can make it by wrap the milk container with some cloths then let the whole things sit under the sunlight, this way does not work in winter. You can also use an Ice Box, I used to use it too, with an ice box you will need to put a hot bag inside the ice box to obtain 40 degree temperature needed, to consist the temperature you will need to change the cooler hot bag inside the ice box to a new hotter hot bag in every 2 hours, depending on how cold your room temperature is. If your oven can be set to 40 degree celsius,you can use that to make Yoghurt too. What ever way you chose, you will need at lest 6 -8 hours to set the yoghurt


When the yoghurt is ready, it will set firmly on the top with some liquid sit on it too. Drain the liquid out, this will help your yoghurt to be thicker. You have to tast the fresh yoghurt to make sure that is sour enough for you, if you want more sour, just leave it longer. However, the yoghurt will tast better as it stays overnight in a refridgerator. In the next day, you can have your verry own Yoghurt! The thickness of the Yoghurt you can increase it by draining of more liquid again after it has been in the fridge overnight. Otherwise, you can drain more liquid off by using muslin cloth. Don't drain off the liquid too much as the liquid provide the yoghurt its sourness. However, if you want to use this drained yoghurt for baking, you have to drain as much off as you can. Then you will end up with some kind of cheese to substitute Ricotta or Cottage Cheese. My missuse love to bake with this drained yoghurt!!


The liquid which you drained off, do not waste it, you can still drink it, it tastes good too. I like it.

Wow, that quit a blog I made, hope you can take some use of it,  and for the people who keep reading untill the end with fully understanding my broken english!!, well done. I try to put all I know  about yoghurt making without confusing anyone. who read. It takes time to make a perfect cup of Yoghurt, when you get that you will be so pround of its taste and texture. Save a bit more money by making your own guys!!!

See you guys next blog



Not difficult at all in. Thanks so much younger comedian Then give it a try in..


Hey Sis Eet, Give it a go you might get some good result, If you like to eat yoghurt, it is worth to try to make them!!

Thanks in. most.


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ได้โยเกริตทำเองแล้วยัง ไม่ต้องเสียเงินซื้อเครื่องทำเลยเนอะ  ใช้กล่องโฬม ก็ได้แล้ว 

เก่งค่ะพี่  ขอบคุณสำหรับ วิธีการทำ เครื่องทำโยเกริต และ วิธีทำโยเกริต  แสนง่าย และประหยัด

Sis, Nee , Thanks .That machine I can use for another food as well such as sour fermented meat. It is verry useful in Winter.

The drained liquid is a bit like light drinking yoghurt, it is sour but nice. you can add sugar to make its taste better!

That's right the machine is made from all our junks. You always can find the use of all junks. My missus hated me when I started to collect them, now that she can save money. She still doesn't want to see my junks around the house!!!

I'm glad you canfind the use out of my blog ^_^

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Sis Lek, When the yoghurt is Thick, I love them. It is thick doesn't mean it is full off fat!

It tastes better when it thick, not too sour as the runny one. I use this thick yoghurt for my salad dressing, my cooking and my wife ues it for baking too!!

It is not as sour as the runny one! Good yoghurt not really sour! If it too sour I don't like it.

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Thanks Sis for visiting me!!

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